The Best Party supplies near me in Australia

If you are thinking of organizing a party, then get ready to be busy for a while. Because hosting a party is not a piece of cake. You will need to go through a whole lot of things to make a party worthwhile.

The first thing is the decoration or theme and for that, you will need various supplies. Now, what to do? It’s quite easy just go to google and search for “the best party supplies near me”. If you are somewhere in Australia then probably, we popped up in the results of the search.

party supplies near me

Why wouldn’t we pop up? We have been doing our best to serve the people with their party supply needs. We provide you with a wide range of categories and themes to choose from our website. No matter what kind of party you are throwing, we have got you covered.

Starting from costumes, balloons, tableware, decorative items, banners, and sprays, etc. We have got everything for you in one place. Also, the quality and prices of them are equally satisfying.

So, if you have got a party in the house, remember us to get those necessary supplies to you. Now let’s take a look at some of the essential party supplies you might need.

Necessary party supplies for every party

To make a party complete, you will have some supplies. These things are required to make the party a joyous occasion as well as a one to remember for quite a long time.

The following list will help you determine the basic supplies necessary for your party. You can find them at our party shop whenever you decide to come.


Party invitations are necessary to show the guests their significance of being there. It shows the host has cared enough to prepare an invitation card to make it a formal affair. Moreover, invitations can have a lasting effect on the people you are inviting. You can go with a readymade invitation template, or you can go for a custom-made request. On a party invitation, you will need to have the following-

Party Supplies Invitation cards
  • Party date
  • Party timings
  • Guest information
  • Location
  • Arrangements
  • Party theme
  • Some details
  • A message

We have got party invitations all prepared for you. You can just visit us and get those invitations for your party.

Food and beverages

This is a crucial element for any party you throw. You can plan for different kinds of menus and various set-ups. So You can either go for a set-up meal for everyone or go for a buffet menu. That ultimately depends on your costs. Create a menu based on the guests you are inviting. But there are some essential party foods for every party. So, order them beforehand. Your food list should include the following things-

Party supplies near me food and beverages
  • Cake
  • Soft drinks and ice
  • Desserts
  • Full meal
  • Snacks such as chips, nachos, and pretzels, etc.

Food has the most everlasting effect on guests. If you can satisfy them with the food, your party is already a success


You will need to be prepared with your party before the guests arrive. You don’t want to go through the extra hassle of arranging the partywares and communicating with your guests. So Once you know how many people are coming, get all of your things ready. Such as tables and chairs, cups, plates, cutleries, napkins. You will need these basic things to at least serve food for your guests. Always get some extra for safety. Because you don’t want to be embarrassed at your party.

Party wares dress- party supplies near me

Entertainment items

You don’t want your party to be boring. People being on their phones throughout the whole party is an indication of a dull and flop party. To throw an enjoyable party, you will need to plan some games and have some equipment ready to play games. This helps the guests to live in the moment and be a part of a party worth remembering. In addition, you can google for many kinds of party games.

Along with that, make sure to have sound systems and music. It can be live music too. Whatever you prefer.

Favor gifts

To show gratitude towards your guests, it’s always great to have favor items in the list. It shows how much you appreciate their attendance at the party. These items can leave a memorable impact on the guests for a long time. There are so many things you can include in the favor bags. If you have a themed party, try giving items related to the theme. So, they can have a clear memory of your party. Favor items can make guests feel special. And who doesn’t want to feel exclusive right? Arranging favor items is a must if there are children in your party.

Favour gifts for party-party supplies near me

Thank you notes

Another way of showing gratitude towards your guests is thanking notes. The party is nothing without the guests on it. So, it’s always important to be grateful to them for attending your party. And it wouldn’t hurt you to show your appreciation towards them for attending the party. You can go for generalized thank you cards or personalized thank you cards. Have a sweet message written on the cards to leave an everlasting impact.


The decoration is a crucial part of any party. After all, without decoration a party is just a bland social gathering where people eat food. To make a party feel like you will surely need to decorate the location you are having a party. You can decorate based on your theme, or you can go for the usual decorative set-up if you have no idea in mind. But decorations give you the most opportunity to be creative with your party.

And a great decoration leaves a great first impression on your guest’s minds. Some essential and necessary items you will need for your decorations are-

Party decorations with hanging lamp
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Party hats
  • Streamers
  • Wall decorations or cutouts
  • Party blowers
  • Foam sprays
  • Confetti
  • Fireworks (optional)
  • Centerpieces
  • Flowers
Party decorations chines lamp

These things are undoubtedly necessary for the basic set-up of a decoration. You can be creative and make it much more special. For a themed party, you can get ideas from the internet and follow them accordingly.

table with plates and Artificial flowers

We at Red Party Shop party supplies Brisbane has got all of these supplies and many more to fit your needs. No matter what your party needs, we are the solution to those needs.

Specialized party supply needs

Now that you know about the basic party needs let’s get to the specialized ones. Different parties require some additional party supply needs to give it a complete feeling. For example, a birthday party requires a different set of decorations than a wedding reception. Keeping those basic supply needs at hand, you will need to go through some additional requirements as well. Here we discuss those specialized parties and their necessary supplies.

Birthday parties

You can do a lot with a birthday party. First of all, you will need some things that make a party feel like it’s a birthday party. If it’s a themed one, then you can follow the theme. Themes can be of many types. So, choosing the perfect one comes to your personal preferences. Secondly, if it’s a kid’s birthday, you can go for cartoons and animated movies. Before that, you will need to go through the boy’s parties and girls’ parties’ section.

Birthday party supplies

We have got a wide range of party supplies with themed glasses, candles, plates, decorations, favor items, invitations and many more.

Furthermore, our supplies are reusable so you can use them for the birthday coming next year as well.

Wedding parties

Wedding parties

Weddings are a joyous occasion in anyone’s life. So, you will want the party to be perfect. Whether it be a reception party or a bachelor party or a bridal shower. We provide the best quality decorations to celebrate the love of two people. There are balloons and tableware with a wedding theme on them. There are favourite items for the guests to remember your wedding as long as they can.

We try to come up with unique ideas to provide you with a different kind of experience for your wedding. And also, make it memorable for the guests at your wedding.

Adult parties

Adult parties are something that requires an extra number of glasses. Well, inevitably there will be lots and lots of beers and drinks on adult parties. These parties aren’t usually based on any themes or anything. It’s more of a casual gathering of friends and colleagues. Like housewarming parties or anniversary parties. These are based solely on adults. So, these parties require decorations on the subtle side and entertainment here is a bit mellow.

Even with these parties, we try to give our best with the most simplistic set-up because every party doesn’t need to look gorgeous.


Halloween party masks

Halloween parties are quite a tradition these days. Obviously, it is based on the Halloween theme. But where we come to the play here? Well, you can get your desired costumes from us. Not only that but also we have tableware, decorations, cutleries and favor items based on the Halloween theme.

We have got our innovative products with a lesser costing. So, you can throw a fantastic Halloween party within your tight budget


Christmas Party Decorations

Christmas is a must celebration. As it is a religious occasion for the Christians, it holds quite a lot of significance. So, keeping that in mind we provide the best kinds of party supplies to make that Christmas party of yours a hit. We also have decorations available for your Christmas trees. You can get Christmas themed invitations, favor items and tableware too. Also, we have that Santa outfit people look for quite often. You can even get Christmas gifts from us.

New years


new year party decorations

New years now have the grandest celebration in the whole year. People go crazy over new years party. So, we also try to make it unique with our effort. We strive to provide different kinds of themes you can try out on new years eve. Fireworks is the most eye-catching part of New Year’s Eve. We have that, as well. We also have New Year’s Eve party kits and decorations to decorate your walls. With our supplies, you can have the fulfilling experience of a new year. 

Farewell parties hold a specific significance in people’s lives. It’s both a happy occasion and a depressing one as well. Because you will be sending off a person or a group of people will bid you goodbye. It’s essential to portray the complete emotion of the party through personalized items. So, we provide you with customized items such as glasses, plates, decorations, balloons and favorite items. Favor items are critical to these parties. So, we are here to give you the most customization options for choosing favor items for your farewell party.

Outdoor parties

Outside parties have a completely different set of requirements than indoor parties. Parties in a garden or near the pool require tableware, cutleries, glasses, and cups based on that. For these parties, the decoration mainly focuses on lights. So, we have got a whole range of collections for different kinds of lights. These lights surely light up the mood of the party and make it worthwhile. Usually, there isn’t much need for chairs or tables in a pool party as most of the people will be in the pool. Also, drinks are an essential part of these parties.

They don’t require any specialized themes. So, you can go for the generalized options and make it a good one with proper entertainment.

Other than these no matter what party you organize, we have got a solution to them all. We have a complete collection of party supplies for any kind of party you choose to host. For example, we have specialized decorations and set-up for the Australian day. So, if you decide to throw a party on that day, we are here for you.

Choosing the best party supply

To select the best party supply, you will need to go through some factors. So, the suppliers you are choosing need to be diligent in making your celebration and the party worthwhile. It’s essential to choose a party supplier who understands your needs.

  1. Options to personalize: Some parties require customized items to get the most out of a party, such as farewell parties, birthday parties as well as wedding parties. If you can’t get personalized party supplies, you will be missing out a lot from parties.
  2. Quick delivery options: You can’t possibly carry all the items by yourself. So, you will need to get your supplies delivered at your household. If you live near Sydney or Melbourne, then we have party supplies Sydney and party supply Melbourne to serve you with that purpose.
  3. Reusability: Having reusable party supplies can be very helpful. If you can save the costing of a repeated party every year, why would you spend every year? So, having this option can really help you a lot. We make sure to provide you with this feature so you can use the supplies every year.
  4. Affordable products: Throwing a party can be really costly. So, you will need to look at your pocket before you start spending. But we ensure you, with us, you will be spending a lot less than your budget for party supplies because our products are very much affordable and don’t compromise with the quality either.
  5. Wide range of products: Wouldn’t it be great to get all the products in one place. You will want to reduce stress as much as you can. So, a party supplier with a good range of party supplies can be beneficial to take away most of the hassles of running here and there. Also, you can get products on a wholesale basis for a complete set-up of your party.
  6. Convenient service: You should check up on the customer service of the company you are choosing. Their products, websites, social media interactions and of course response to customer feedback everything is essential. Because customer service can impact your impression of the company, which plays a crucial role in your satisfaction, we don’t need to brag about our support you can get that from our previous customers. We try to be completely supportive of our customers while keeping their priorities on top.

These qualities are essential for any party supply company. We make sure to meet all of your requirements with these qualities backing us up.

In Conclusion

Now, if you are living in Australia and wondering “Who has the best party supplies near me?” then the answer will probably have our name. We don’t guarantee that will be the case, but you can sure try us out. There is no harm in that.

Hopefully, you got to know all about party supplies. We tried giving you a little information on our whole party supplies line. Choosing us won’t go in vain, that’s for sure.

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