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Costume Shop Gold Coast

Costume parties are always a better version of parties because of the enthusiasm it brings. Whether you need costumes for Halloween or you need something for the themed party you are organizing, we serve it all.

Here at RED PARTY SHOP, Costume shop gold coast can meet all your costume needs for your party. You can get all sorts of collections from us. Maybe you are going in for the retro Hollywood theme well we have got you covered. Or perhaps you want something hi-tech for your party like Star trek; we have got them too.

We come in a wide variety of themes and accessories. So, you won’t need to go very far to organize that themed party of yours.

Costume shop gold coast accessories

Costume Shop Gold Coast

When you organize a costume party, you will need some accessories to give the party completeness. These accessories may vary from party to party. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories we provide you to make the party a success.


Well, if you are organizing a themed party, you might need glasses for your themed costume. For example, if you dress up as Santa clause, you might need a pair of thin-framed gold Santa glasses to complete the look. Or novelty noses and glasses are also entirely collective in the costume party look.


We have got weapons featuring many characters and, in general as well. We give you the best quality weapons that are entirely harmless yet look just like the real ones. You can get ninja tools, shields, swords in general. We also have lightsabers in case you are a fan of Star Wars. 


Some superhero costumes are just incomplete without capes. So, if you are going with the look of Superman, Batman, or maybe wonder woman well then, we have got you covered with their capes. Apart from these three, we have many other featured and non-featured capes as well. These come with a customizable sizing option as well.


Okay, if you want to make them look natural, you might need lenses. Especially when you are dressing up as a ghost, you will need to take up lenses to have the feel of the dress up. Other than that, you can try out various lenses that go with your character, such as the green eyes of the Hulk. Or maybe white walker lenses if you are dressing up as one.


Costume Shop Gold Coast

Your costume is almost incomplete without a mask. Here, we provide a lot of variety of masks. You can just get essential generalized masks, or you can get featured ones. We provide you with masks such as animals, emoticons, superheroes, popular personalities, ghosts, and many more. All the masks we offer come with a detailed look and good quality material. So, you can rest assured about not damaging your skin at all.


No matter what, you are dressing up as your look will need some makeup. Now makeup doesn’t mean the usual ones. Here, makeup means face paints and tattoos. You might need some colors on your face to make the look. Or you might need some tattoos on your body for the same purpose. Well, we give you all of it here. But the main concern here is the safety of those makeups. That’s we have the most organic face paints and tattoos that are completely harmless. They won’t cause any kind of discomfort in your skin or body.

Wigs, beards, and mustache

Wigs, beards, and mustache

Here, you will mostly need the wigs. Because some characters just come with wild hairs, and if you try to get that look, you might damage your hair. So, it’s always better and safer to opt for wigs. Also, your dress-up might require beards or mustache. You can go with your ones, but they might lack the finesse in their look. For perfection, you can get some fake beards and mustache as well. These things are ensured with breathability because you wouldn’t want to sweat because of them.


Last but the essential one outfits. Well, this doesn’t need any description because your costume is not a costume without the themed outfit. So, here we provide you with all kinds of themed dresses. Their sizes are always customizable according to your needs.

Now you know what we can give you. But there is something more you should know about us. These accessories come in a variety of themes as well. So, let’s take a look at some of the themes that we cover.

Costume shop gold coast themes

The accessories, as mentioned earlier, come with the following themes. There are simply too many to talk about, but we are providing them for your convenience.

Superheroes and villains

Costume Shop Gold Coast super hero

This is undoubtedly the most common theme nowadays. Almost every kid party comes with a superhero theme due to the fame of the Avengers. So, we provide all kinds of stuff based on this theme. You can get superhero outfits with the complete package and their weapons as well. Well, it’s not just about superheroes; we have costumes and accessories based on villains as well. Now, you can dress up as Iron Man or even Thanos. On the other side, you can go to Batman and the Joker as well. We give you the choices; you just make the decisions.


If your party is about animals you can go for this theme. It has got all different kinds of animal costumes to go through. Usually, this theme is chosen for birthday parties of kids. This comes with a learning experience for the kids as well. With us, you can get quality, and detailed clothing ensured. These animal costumes look and feel as real as actual animals. Whether it be a Tiger, elephant, or koala, we provide you with every kind of animal to our knowledge. And the sizes are customizable. 


Christmas is, without a doubt, a pivotal celebration to every Christian. That’s why we come up with a load of Santa costumes around that time of the year. Along with Santa, we provide elf, reindeer, snowman costumes as well.

Time periods

You can choose from a lot of costumes from different periods. If you have a theme of ancient times, you can try out the cavemen’s dresses with clubs and bows. Or you can try out some royal outfits such as king and queen from the past. Or you can travel in the future to become a cyborg maybe. No matter which era or time you choose, we have planned it all for you.


Well, if you are planning for a costume party where the theme is to dress up as different professionals, then we have got you covered. We provide various outfits based on different kinds of the profession such as doctors, nurses, plumbers, lawyers, police officers, and the list goes on. In short, we have almost all kinds of professional outfits packed up for dressing up. And these dresses come with their respective accessories as well, so you don’t miss out on anything at all.


Now, if you are planning to dress up as a clown, you can do it under this theme. Not just clown though you can dress up as ringmaster, fortune teller, magician, and many other characters from the circus. And you have the option to be creative with us, so the possibilities are endless here.


Many people have a dream of dressing up as their desired Disney characters. Well, this is just the perfect theme for them. We have got a massive collection of Disney character costumes lined up for you. Whether it’s mickey mouse or Donald duck. Or maybe Elsa from frozen that’s kind of trending these days. No matter what character you have fascinated in your childhood, we almost have it all with their accessories as well. So, get your long-held dream of dressing up as your favorite Disney character with us. 


If it’s the time of Halloween, then horror is the best way to go. Under this theme, you get a whole load of classic horror outfits from different movies, cartoons, and series. Whether it’s the famous clown from IT or the terrifying Chucky. Then there is a ghost face too. Or you are maybe trying to get the Nun to look to scare off your friends. Apart from the classics, you can make up your customized horror costume as well. Well, the horrifying experience won’t be pleasant, but it sure will be perfect.


This is a broad theme to discuss. Because there are almost endless lines of the film, you can try out costumes from. They can be from the ’80s, ’90s, or even 2019’s; we have it all here. Some of the most popular ones feature star wars, star trek, lord of the rings. From the modern ones, you can obviously try out the minion theme for kids. Also, there is a Game of Thrones, which is quite popular among people all over the place. And obviously, superhero movies are always there. With a few acting skills, you can just become the character for a while and live in the film. 


Big fan of animes? Not a problem as we have got a collection of outfits from some of the most popular animes of all time.  Starting from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One-piece, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Inazuma Eleven, and many others out there. You can dress up as your favorite anime character or even keep a complete theme on a particular anime. This will surely liven up your party if you have got some similar anime fans in the house. 

Famous personalities

You can try out dressing up as Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler or maybe some wrestler such as The Undertaker. Well, whatever you choose we have got the stuff to give you that kind of look. The wigs and make-ups will surely make you look almost like the personalities. Now you can enjoy their look at you for a while. 


If your party involves only adults, you can go for this theme. It’s all based on parties such as bridal showers and bachelor parties. These feature only adult costumes, which aren’t appropriate for children. But it’s too much fun for the adults if you are not into the other themes.

Video games

Last but not least, video games. Well, video games have given us a lot of characters to dress up as. Such as Lara Croft from tomb raider, Mario and Luigi from Mario, Ezio from Assassins Creed, and many more. So, if you are a gamer, you will surely enjoy this theme for your party and your cosplay. Select from the vast collection we have prepared for you.

Why choose us?

Well, there are lots of costume shops around the place. You can quickly get your desired costumes and Accessories within reach. But our Costume shop gold coast offer is what makes our customers rely on us time after time.

The following qualities make us what we are today and might be convincing enough to choose us for your next costume party.

Quality materials

We ensure high-quality materials in our costumes and accessories. They are sure to serve your purpose even for multiple uses. The materials are durable and completely harmless for your skin. Along with that, they’ll surely last for quite a long time. All of the themed costumes come with precise details and quality construction.

Affordable prices

With quality, we come up with exclusive prices as well. Usually, when you opt for costume parties, you are already in for a costly arrangement. We understand the fact, and that’s why we keep the prices of our products within your limit. You will hardly get our kind of quality at our prices.

Variety of themes

We have got you covered with a lot of different items you can choose. They all come with specific details and additional content. They are sure to complete your look from top to bottom with all kinds of necessary accessories. So, you can stop worrying about themes and their requirements. 

Emergency services

If you have a rush to attend a party or to organize one, then we are here for you. We provide urgent assistance, so you don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a costume party whatsoever. This quality of ours takes us ahead of the game, as many of our customers have said.

Customizing options

With us, you have the option to customize your outfits. We offer size customization and also design customization. You can even come up with your own design we will make it for you. So, with us, you get the freedom of being creative with your own unique sense of style.

Customer reviews on Costume shop gold coast

The people behind our customer service are always there to help you. They will help you with your queries about costumes and accessories. Also, about the sizing as well. Along with that, you can contact us for any kind of issues you have with your outfits. We will undoubtedly take a look at it. You can always find us through emails and phone numbers. We are also available through our website and physical shop as well.

One-stop for all

“I had planned for a costume party with just a couple of days in hand. I badly wanted a costume party because of the excitement it brings. But it was really hard planning a decent costume party within this short time. But with the help of RED PARTY SHOP, I was able to make it possible within the shortest amount of time. The quality they provided was as good as it gets. And the prices were also comparatively lower than some other shops I tried earlier. I am very much satisfied with their service and their behavior. I would surely recommend trying them out.”


We at RED PARTY SHOP costume shop gold coast try to bring you the immersive experience from our services and products. You can rely on us for your next costume party and enjoy it to the fullest without any worries.

Now, costume parties won’t lack the spark anymore and won’t be challenging to plan at all. They will come with the complete experience.

And it’s not just about the costume parties either if you are into cosplay and want to rock those competitions, then we are here too. With our quality costumes, you can even win those cosplay competitions and maybe become a renowned cosplayer. You never know.

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