12 Helpful Tips For Doing 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas For Boy

Birthday celebrations are of great joy. Celebrating ones’ birthday doesn’t only bring the happiness of that person but it also makes people feel good about the party and company they are going to have. It’s a matter of joy for the persons as well who are going to arrange the party. They like to see the happiness in your face. It also makes them happy.

1st Birthday Decoration Ideas For Boy

When you are going to arrange a party for your baby boy’s 1st birthday then obviously it is much more significant and special for all the family members. You want it to be in your way. This isn’t only for that current time being. You and your family members will remember this for the rest of your life. So, you need to find out unique ideas. But sometimes you run out of ideas. That is why here we are going to talk about everything you need to know about 1st birthday decoration ideas for boy.

1st birthday decoration ideas for boy Party’s Theme

To decorate a birthday party first you need to think of a theme. This will give your party a look that will amaze people. It will also bring life to the event and make people feel refreshed. There are many types of themes available. You can choose them according to your test and need for your party. Here we brought out some of unique first birthday party ideas for you.

Baby Shark Theme

It is one of the most popular one for 1st birthday decoration ideas for boy . The theme is based on a cartoon character. You can decorate your party according to that and choose dresses as well. The tune of this character is very catchy also. You can keep the outfit according to this character. This will look funny and unique on kids.

Mickey Mouse Theme

This has been one of the most popular cartoons. Kids and other people really like this. It would be great if you could give a touch of this to your party. You can decorate the cake and the decoration according to these cartoon characters. You can put different types of pops and other mickey mouse kinds of stuff.

Prince Theme

This would be great if you could turn everything into royal stuff and your boy into a prince. Who doesn’t want this! Everyone would like to see their boy dressing like a prince. You can treat your eyes by choosing this theme. The guest can dress up like the royal members as well. This will create a good memory for a later time.

Circus Theme

This can be a theme can be enjoyed with all the circus stuff. If you want to decorate everything in a funny way, then this can be your option. You can decorate your place with all the circus stuff and tell people to wear outfits according to that.

Boss Baby Theme

To make your baby centre of attraction you can go with this theme. This is based on a movie character which is really popular amongst the children. A boy being a boss baby in his birthday sounds right.

Man Party Theme

This theme can give your child a manly vibe. You can decorate the party with manly kinds of stuff like moustache and other stuff to showcase. The other guests can also dress up according to that.

Sesame Street Theme

This tv show is also popular with children and adults as well. The characters of this program like Elmo, Cookie monster, big Bird, Bert and others are quite loved by the children. If you can decorate your party with this and bring the vibe for your child, then it would be much more enjoyable. You can bring the real sesame vibe in your party.

These themes can be good options for you only if you can execute them in the right way. Get all the necessary stuff and be creative with them. Hopefully, something great will come out in the end.

Birthday Party Outfit

If you are thinking of arranging a theme party, then the outfit mainly depends on that particular theme. If you choose otherwise, then it may look a bit awkward.  Make the 1st birthday boy outfit centre of everything. If you are not going for any themed party, then you can choose the outfit as you want. Sometimes people choose that outfit which their baby has. Because it minimizes the cost and other kids wear that same dress. But whatever it is, make sure your baby boy feels comfortable in that.

Choose the outfit carefully. Any tight costume can make your baby feel uncomfortable and suffocated. As he won’t be able to say anything, but it will make him cry. Choose anything light to wear whatever the theme is. This will keep your boy okay. The more unique the costume will be the more people will tend to remember that. Go for unique costumes.

Choose the guests costume as well in case you are planning a theme party. If you are planning to spend good money on that event, then you can gift dresses to the guests. This will make the theme party smoother. And you will also get a great party vibe.

1st birthday decoration ideas for boy in your budget

It’s a fact that if there is any party, the money will be spent. Sometimes you got enough to cover up the whole event. And sometimes you fail to do that. The expenditure over-flows sometimes. This can be a huge problem for some people. So. if you don’t want to face this kind of things then you can arrange a birthday party on a budget. This will give you a clear idea of planning and materializing things according to the budget. This will also help you to know how much stuff at what amount you need. Here are some of the 1st birthday party ideas on a budget.

Plan Out Things

First mistake people can make is that not planning things precisely. When you don’t plan, things are bought anonymously. Sometimes things which aren’t needed at all. Then these things increase the cost. This can be problematic. For this reason, you need to plan everything beforehand. First, decide which things you are going to need to execute the party. And then go for it. This will minimize the cost of your party and save money for other important stuff.

Homemade Foods

Foods are one of the main attractions of a party. People who will be coming to your party always expect good and qualified food. If you order your food from outside in order to maintain the class sometimes or for quality, then it may cost you. You can cut up this cost very easily by preparing food at home. Since it is a birthday party for baby and other guests will also have babies. If they can get homemade food, then they may get delighted. It will also keep them healthy.

Arrange Ball Pit

If you want to keep your guests busy, then it can be the cheapest entertainments. People of all ages love this ball fight. You can put balls in a kiddo pool and let the people do rest of it. Babies stay busy playing this and you can enjoy with others without getting tensed.

Wood Frame

If you don’t want to spend a good amount of money, then you can go for this. This theme is super easy and very light to arrange. Here you need to college all the photos of your baby and put them in a frame for showcasing. As you give a touch of your memories, this turns out to be very special. You can also keep the photos of your baby with others. The more the photos will be the more it will be special.

Cookies Party

This one is focusing on the cookies. This will help to minimize your costs. Ony cookies and a few other kinds of stuff will do to execute this party. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Moreover, kids love cookies. So, it may eventually turn into a good party with a minimal amount of work.

Decoration With Crepe Paper

Sometimes you spend a lot of money on the decoration, which is unnecessary. This kills your time and money. To some extent decoration matters. But this doesn’t have to be everything. You can go ease with this. Decorate your party place with crepe paper. You can make a lot of stuff using this paper. And they will surely cost you less. You can make any kind of stuff with this paper if you have that talent. Or you can buy this ready-made from the stores. It’s pretty much available at the groceries.

Things you can avoid as the 1st birthday decoration ideas for boy

Avoid Theme Party

If you really want to cut up your cost, then you can avoid the idea of a theme party. This will minimize your cost to a large extent. Arrange something normally spend your capitals in other places. Sometimes theme parties add extra cost which is not even needed.

Avoid Meals

You can arrange your party in between meals. Like after lunch or before dinner. This will surely minimize your cost. You don’t have to arrange the main meals for your guests. Only a few items and snacks will do for the guests. Also, your baby will also get time for resting.

These above ideas can reduce your cost to some extent. There can be other ideas which may suit you. You can go with them. Or you can just figure out your own ways of executing your budget. This will help more.  As you will be knowing your situation better.

Gift Ideas

Gifts are one of the attractions of the party. They carry great value for a child. You definitely need to arrange good gifts for your baby. This will not only keep him happy but also will be a part of memory. When he will be grown up this will make him feel nostalgic.

There are many types of a gift for a baby boy are available in the market. You can go to the stores and choose among them. Buying gifts depends on various things. For example, this is the age when babies learn things. And this learning process is very quick. If you gift them something which might help them learn, then it would be great. You can choose gifts for keeping these things in mind. Aside from this, here are some of the 1st birthday boy gift ideas, which you can use for your baby boy also you can use them for any 1st birthday boy.

Rocking Horse

Babies like to swing on rocking chairs. This rocking horse is no different from that. This will make them feel that they are riding a horse. Baby boys like this kind of toys.

4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

This is kind of a small paddle car. Parents give this to their baby boy to learn to maintain balance. This helps them to learn cycle in a later time. Surely this is an exciting thing for any baby.

First Builders Big Building Bag

This is mainly mega blocks with a different colour. People of all ages can play this. But this is better for babies. They build up the blocks to create many kinds of shape, mainly buildings. This is also a mind developing tool for babies. They learn to build up things. And exercise their brains.

Fill And Spill

These kinds of toys are those which are lost or messed at first and then found later on. Babies boy with 1 year tends to have this type of tendencies. They play with stuff. And when it’s lost they search for it. There are different types of this kind of toy are available. Such as First fishball, Picnic basket fill and spill.

Wooden Push Along Toy

This toy can help your baby in learning how to walk. Push along toy works after giving it push. So, it motivates babies to push it. When the toy starts going front, babies feel happy.

Speedster Wheel

This one is a small miniature of a plane. It is also a plush toy. Baby boys for sure love to play this.

Name Puzzle

This one also is a learning game. Kids can learn different kinds of names through this. This will help them in learning vocabulary and other names. It doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong, but it will surely develop their brain


This one is one of the coolest toys for a year baby boy. You don’t have to think much before buying this. You can easily go with this option. This guitar also gives music if any button is pressed.

These are some of the gifts. You can go with them. or you can buy any other fun or educational toy which you think your baby boy will enjoy. But whatever it is, just make sure it is safe to use. As your boy is just 1 year old so he needs extra safety cautious

Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes just enhance the beauty of the party. Most of the people coming to the party firstly look for cakes. That’s why your boy’s birthday cake has to be very special, as it’s his first birthday.

There is a different kind of cakes are available in the store. Such as chocolate, red velvet, cheesecake, lemon, vanilla, coconut and so on. You can choose from them. Nowadays you can customize your cake as well. Choose any character or symbol or a number and place your order according to that. You won’t be disappointed. No matter what symbol or theme the cake carries, you can put a number 1 symbol on top of that. If you don’t want to order a cake from outside, then you can prepare it at home. Things have become very easy.

The cake of your baby’s first birthday is very important. So just plan things keeping that on the mind.

Conclusion of 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday parties are the most beautiful thing. This help to bring happiness in everyone’s face and make them cheer up. Arranging a birthday party show how much you care for them.

In that sense, your baby boy’s first birthday party is very much special. So, you should definitely celebrate that. Set up a plan and starts according to that. This will help you in executing the whole party. You can select a theme or not. But bring a special cake for your baby boy. As it is the time for developing a baby’s mind so do things according to that. This will help them to learn different things. Here we have talked about 1st birthday decoration ideas for a boy, which you need to go through before arranging a birthday party. Or you can just start-up in your own way. So, what are you waiting for! Start doing the planning from this moment and gift your baby an awesome birthday party.

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